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Lets find a JOB for Kevin Lillard (A Fans View)!

EDIT 10/12/12: Kevin has issued a statement of thanks for the Paypal flood which you can find here

Now let's work on a long term solution, as Kevin needs a steady job (his previous job was journalist).
Here's his linkedin:
So if you have any connections in Indianapolis or nearby, send them his way!
You can find him on

Kevin Lillard, the man behind "A Fan's View," is unemployed and has been homeless for the past month and needs your help! If you'd like to support Kevin Lillard in his time of need, feel free to donate any amount to his paypal account. If you find that hard to believe, then read this link

Donations given through the button below will go DIRECTLY to Kevin Lillard's paypal. We have posted it up here so there is an easy place for people to contribute. (and we didn't want to spam out his E-mail all over)

If you need further reason, please browse the photos located at our mirror of A Fan’s View here:
Thank him for the years of photo coverage that he took from 1999-2009!

Be sure to spread the word!

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