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Event full.
We're doing some ADVANCE event scouting for Anime Expo 2012
Are you the sassy, sexy and stealing the hearts?
Can you slink around interwebs?
Will you seduce unsuspecting fans into purchasing our products?

ACP is looking for 6 cosplayers from:
Lupin III ~Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna~ (anime)
Jormungand (anime)
Future Diary (anime)
Heaven's Lost Property (anime)
Or any FUNimation title, so don't worry, most of you would qualify!

Your task at this convention will be to show the average attendee just how easy it is to navigate around FUNimation.com and watch streaming anime on their portable device! We'll provide a portable device for you to log in on and demonstrate it to all the fans!

You can select up to three FUNimation related costumes to wear, so you can have variety each day! But make sure you have your hands free, it's hard to be swiping when you got guns and drinks and booty in your hands.
So pick your cosplay carefully for this event! (try to avoid costumes with lots of props)
If you pick Fujiko, you can't go as nekkid Fujiko, you need to have clothes. Pasties are not cosplay, sorry. Now I initially proposed that the whole team of 6 would be an army of Fujikos with the iPad nestled comfortably in her cleavage, but FUNimation wanted us to cast a broad net. But I can't argue if only Fujikos sign up now can I?

All Your Fujiko Are Belong to Mine /oppaitensai

You need to have a few unique pre-requisites for this event besides the costume this time around.
1. You need to be comfortable with portable devices such as smartphones and ipads/tablets
2. You need to know your way around FUNimation.com, including having an account with ~some~ content at least (some fav shows, some friends, etc)
3. You should have a fair knowledge base of FUNimation titles.

So if you're interested (we're just looking for available cosplayers currently and will whittle down from there), please reply with the following:
1. ACP/ACE Username / Link to your ACP/ACE page
2. E-mail we can contact you with
3. Link to your FUNimation.com account (it will look like this http://www.funimation.com/user/waynekaa)
4. Costume Selection
-#1 Costume Character and series (Include the ACP link if you've already got it on ACP)
-#2 Costume Character and series (Include the ACP link if you've already got it on ACP)
-#3 Costume Character and series (Include the ACP link if you've already got it on ACP)
5. Days you are available
6. Potential conflicts (masquerade/panels/other events/etc)

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